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Acting on the


Citrus Juice prioritizes the well-being and safety of our team, as well as the fulfillment of our commercial commitments, so we have adopted the necessary preventive measures for COVID-19 according to the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are ready to adapt and take additional actions as necessary to ensure the total security of our employees, customers, partners and other people.


  • Citrus Juice's Crisis Management Committee was convened and is following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, as well as monitoring official websites, including those specific to the food category.

  • We are taking all necessary measures to keep our team safe and our company in operation.

  • External visits have so far been prohibited.

  • The number of employees that normally operate our factory has been reduced and works in rotation.

  • Alcohol gel / disinfectant available at various points in the plant;

  • Masks are available for everyone to use;

  • All employees are regularly / adequately informed / updated about Covid-19 to better share the risks and necessary care;

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