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Channel of Ethical Conduct

Citrus Juice has a Channel of Ethical Conduct prepared to receive, analyze and solve issues related to the Code of Conduct. This channel is available for everyone's access on our site by an email. Therefore, the company through this email has an external communication system on its website, which allows anyone to inform us about situations that are in conflict with our Principles and / or the Code of Conduct and therefore , which endangers the reputation and integrity of the company. It is possible to contact the Channel of Ethical Conduct either to clarify questions regarding the interpretation of the Code of Conduct or to report violations of this Code, such as corruption or any other unethical conduct or procedure. Complaints received are analyzed by a committee and anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed to all complainants. All records are analyzed in a judicious and responsible manner, contributing to transparent management and a safe and healthy environment.

With integrity and focus, this Committee seeks to find solutions to the situations presented to them, providing a response to the user, anonymous or not. No retaliation will be allowed against anyone who reports a concern in good faith.

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